carne asada – salsa negra
carnitas -–tomatillo avo
pollo – yellow mole
fish – grilled or crispy – pico
crispy shrimp – pico
red braised lamb – salsa roja
grilled avo taco – lime crema

Oysters… Grilled, Crispy or Raw

Kumiai (Baja)
Eastern (C.Bay)
Dabob (Northwest Pacific)

PARA LA MESA (for the table)…

Salsa Negra – house chips
Guacamole…9 {add marinated Dungeness crab
Mexican Street Corn – chili mayo, parm, lime
Taquitos – pollo, house ranch, fresh cheese
Roasted Beets – epazote, pineapple, nople, cilantro salad…
House Salad – baby kale, pickled raisins, pomegranate, goat chz, avo, hibiscus vin
Grilled Romaine – avo, cotija, olives, corn salsa, egg, harissa buttermilk crema
ADD…grilled shrimp…grilled fish…fried chix
Queso Fundido – chorizo, pineapple, poblano,pickled jalepenos, habenero mustard
Catalonia Sopa…chorizo, clams, garbanzo, kale, egg… add side salad
B.O.D just ask…

— CEVICHE-esque–

Traditional Ceviche – salmon, octo, mahi, cucumber, serrano, cilantro
Baja ceviche – yellowfin, hamachi, shrimp, avo, pico…
Alvarado Street Shrimp Cocktail


Bowl 1 – grilled mahi, corn salsa, tomato rice, lime crema… Hot
Bowl 2 – grilled albacore, grapefruit, cucumber, ogo, pickled jalapeno, “xxx’aioli… Cold
Bowl 3 – cauliflower, beets, charred kale, onion sprouts, fresh cheese, hazelnuts, yogurt… Hot
Bowl 4 – crispy carnitas, rice, nopale, pico, goat chz crema, charron, egg… Hot
Bowl 5 – al pastor salmon, piña salsa, poblano, w.radish, nopale, cilantro slaw… Cold
Bowl 6 – spicy tuna, scallion, Serrano, cilantro, radish, avo, dia-tina…. Cold


Carne Asada – chimichurri aioli, cress, spicy slaw, avo, anticucho
Fried Chix – pickled slaw, oven dryed tom, crushed avo, house ranch…
Cubano – carnitas, ham, chorizo scramble, pickles, habanero mustard
Porchetta – charred onion, pickled peppers,charred poblano egg, arugula…
Grill Shrimp & Crispy Oyster – spicy cabbage, crushed avo, saffron aioli, dia tina.

PARA TODOS MIS *AMIGOS* (2-3 amigos)

To feed you and your friends…Please allow us time to properly prepare
EACH DISH COMES WITH fried beans & rice, TORTILLAS & all the good STUFF
Big Ass Carnitas -“on the bone”-salsa verde,house mole…
Grilled Lobster – mole,pico,chili-butter

***SIDES… beans – 3 / tomato rice – 3 / flour or corn tortilla – 2

…Subject to change depending on availability