LA TAQUERIA x2…con ensalada

carne asada – salsa negra
fish – grilled or crispy pico
carnitas – tomatillo avo
breakfast tacos – egg, crispy slab, fried beans, yellow mole
–make it ‘machismo’

Oysters…Grilled or Raw

Eastern (C. Bay)
Dabob Bay (Wa)


[vi + adj] 1. to drink up 2. to consume hand crafted cocktails in good company 3. to make your taste buds happy

the mule / crisp + spunky / cucumber infused russian standard vodka, del maguey vida, lime, ginger beer
sling thing / fizzy + fruity / sparkling wine, aperol, orange juice, agave
hangover cure / life + savor / housemade bloody mary mix
pick your poison: “serrabanero” infused vodka….cucumber infused vodka
bloody maria…cazadores blanco


cazadores blanco, reposado, & añejo…+ extra añejo $5

endless mimosas / fun + drink

Start here…

Salsa – negro, house chips…
Guacamole… {add marinated Dungeness crab…}
TOTs – house aioli
Mixed Berry “POP-TART”


Pork Chile Verde– fried beans, egg, avo, house corn tortillas
W.G. Hanger Steak and Egg – corn salsa, fingerling potatoes, dia sauce
Dia Beni – carnitas, rosemary focaccia, hollandaise, corn salad
Chocolate Duck Quesadillas – oaxacan cheese, house mole, guac
Burrito of the Day–- ORDER IT
Short Rib Empanada – corn salsa, sofrito, egg, queso
Pumpkin Zucchini Pound Cake French Toast – mascarpone, blackberry,S.C walnuts
Camp-Fire Pancake – spiced yogurt, apple, apricots, pistachio
Strata – pork belly, sweet corn, grilled bread, oven dried tomato, arugula
Pork Belly – polenta, egg, house mole, pickled apple crab salad
Ancho Braised Lamb Shoulder – crispy tomatillo, potatoes, salsa verde, egg


Ahí – crispy kale, guac, habanero aioli
Alvarado Street Shrimp Cocktail
Hamachi Toast – avo, chili lime, radish
Salmon Tostada – avocado, jicama, pickled jalapeño, grapefruit, roe

Ensaladas … y vegetales

House Salad – baby kale, pickled golden raisins, pomegranate, goat cheese, avo, hibiscus
Roasted Beets – epazote, pickled carrots, wheat berry, farmers cheese, rocoto lime vin
Grilled Romaine – avocado, cotija, olives, corn salsa, egg, harrisa buttermilk crema

  • add grilled fish…. shrimp… fried oysters


To feed you and your friends. Please allow us time to properly prepare
EACH DISH COMES WITH Fried Beans & Rice, TORTILLAS and all the good STUFF’
Big Ass Carnitas – “on the bone” – salsa verde, egg, house mole
Market Fish – pepian verde, mole, radish, lime

…Subject to change depending on availability